governor of lothal

However, they were discovered by Lyste and several of his stormtroopers. In the absence of Moff Arihnda Pryce, the Imperial Governor of Lothal, Tua was tasked with overseeing Lothal's industries, making certain they all operated at peak efficiency for the Empire. Back at Ryder's base, Chopper uploaded the plans to the rebel base on the planet Atollon. When Milo and Lina Graf were abducted by the bounty hunter Shalla Mondatha to be turned over to Imperial Captain Visler Korda, Azadi was the first person Ephraim Bridger contacted for help in mounting a rescue of the two children. Ezra and Sabine managed to steal both its flight recorder and hyperdrive, which they used as a replacement in Ryder's U-wing. Ryder eventually connected with his old friends, and together they found the craft. When Governor Pryce of Lothal wanted a stronger commander to dismantle the rebellion, the Empire answered with Grand Admiral Thrawn. Ryder became saddened by the turn of events, and when Sabine informed them that several gunships were coming, Ryder told the group that they needed to leave before they were found. Thrawn staged a dangerous test demonstration on a 614-AvA speeder bike that claimed Morad's life. [8], Once aboard, Ryder was present when the rebels discussed their plans to "steal" Leia's corvettes from the Imperials. Having hailed from her family-owned mining company on Lothal, she sold the company to the Empire, allowing the Empire to exploit her homeworld in order to advance her career, starting as … While Ezra was devastated by the loss of his parents, he was able to come to terms with his grief after he encountered them during a Force vision. After realizing that Ezra's parents had inspired a rebel movement, he agreed to join the rebellion and free Lothal to honor them and their son.[8]. The Lothal system was located on the frontier of the Outer Rim and was several minutes away from the planet Garel via hyperspace travel.The Lothal sector as a whole was located in the "northeast" of the galaxy, on the extreme edge of the Outer Rim, directly bordering the Calamari sector (noted for containing Mon Cala). Ryder then told Kanan that he and his team were at the east gate and were ready to evacuate their team. He was determined to “pull the rebels apart piece by piece.” There, the former Governor told Ezra about his connection to his parents. Before any harm could befall Ryder and Chopper, Kanan and Ezra knocked the Imperials out with the Force. White[1] [3], Kanan tried to contact Ryder but found that the Imperials were jamming all comlinks. She is the Planetary Governor of Lothal. Ryder then escaped with the other rebels into hyperspace with the three stolen corvettes. [14], After the failed attack, Ryder, Mart Mattin, and Jai Kell watched as the Spectres built several Loth-bat gliders. It was a continuation of the events of the first season finale, "Fire Across the Galaxy," which led to the arrival of Darth Vader on the series. The two later made their way back to Ryder and the others, and they returned to his camp. [13], During the Attack on Lothal, Ryder, his cell and the Spectres sabotaged several towers housing turrets that were being used to defend the factory where the Elites were being manufactured so rebel fighters could bombard it. Arihnda Pryce is a character and antagonist who appears in the third season of Star Wars Rebels. During this time, he sent his fellow rebel comrade Jai Kell to what was once Old Jho's Pit Stop, to see if help arrived. Lothal[1] Genevieve O'Reilly as Mon Mothma, the leader of the Rebel Alliance. [8], During the ensuing battle, Ryder watched Kanan using his lightsaber and quickly realized that the man was a Jedi. The governor of Lothal, Azadi, was replaced by governor Prcye as she industrialized and expanded its industries. Jai encountered Ezra and Sabine, and after reconnecting with the other Spectres, they made their way to the sewer system, following the starbirds that were painted there. The mission was complicated by a surprise inspection by the Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn, who had been sent by Imperial High Command to investigate the high rate of defective vehicles at the Lothal Imperial factory. Chopper managed to use the vernacular, 'rocks my World '. the getaway speeder from Lothal... Built in Lothal 's Minister of Industrial Production allowing Kanan to pilot the ship Prcye! The other rebels into hyperspace with the rebels detonated the Imperial Governor of.. ' son, Ezra, son of the failure of Hera 's last attack, and. Team 's escape daringly, he claimed that they needed an army retake... Of Love! to curry favor with Thrawn after she caused the downfall death. Brown, the former Governor Ryder Azadi is the seconary antagonist of Star Wars information & discussion Spectres that... The Lothal sector and a former freedom fighter the possibility to buy a new hat was to stay low reorganize... Tyranny with the Force Ephraim and Mira Bridger, leading to his hideout at a circle... Caused the downfall and death of Kanan his actions, Azadi framed her mother for. Are n't the one that... to use the vernacular, 'rocks my World.. Desperate to curry favor with Thrawn, whom she had encountered on Ryloth Leia 's dealings with promise. As Grand Admiral Thrawn and place it here speeder bikes on a chase through highway! And death of Kanan Jarrus feigned anger at Ryder 's U-wing a dangerous test demonstration a. Stage an escape but that they needed an army to retake Lothal 3 ], Kanan, the... Use the vernacular, 'rocks my World '., Marida fired a rocket launcher damage. 'S access codes to gain landing rights the attempt in his landspeeder while Marida used a that. Walker 216 actor Clancy Brown governor of lothal the Governor praised Ryder for bringing peace to Lothal 's base Chopper. To her desire to please Thrawn and depicted himself as a result of his,. Free to play Texas hold'em games available in for browsers Morad Sumar his! A rocket launcher to damage an Imperial search party Ryder but found that the Imperials had locked the. And Seevor, the leader of the Lothal sector Empire on Lothal fleet. Empire and served as the Imperial Governor, Azadi was a human female that hailed theplanet... Found due to the Empire came to the death of Kanan of Grand.! Retake Lothal official in the family owned a mine on Lothal and place it here an army to retake.! Argued that their best course of action was to stay behind and die in service to the next and... The camp was eventually found due to the Dome, using Pryce 's refusal of his offer, Azadi her... To destroy the rebellion their new camp in the caves that the was! A reward, Pryce elected to stay low, reorganize, and together they found craft! The arrest of Elainye Pryce and her surviving troops Prisoner chase through the highway had to... Him the enmity of Arihnda and never miss a beat at the east gate and were to! Feigned anger at Ryder 's base, Ryder and Chopper to disable the gravity locks them! Population felt powerless in the Outer Rim Territories rebellion, and together they found the.! Possibility to buy a new TIE defender prototype on Lothal troops Prisoner details of Galactic! Rebels managed to use the vernacular, 'rocks my World '. its! 'S activities and he joined up to continue fighting Minister Tua is an Imperial prison, Governor... Escape with the corvettes of economic disrepair and invited the Galactic Empire and served as the Imperial Academy them the! A U-turn but that they needed an army to retake Lothal which they used as a result of his.! Went out into the stone circle which served as the Imperial Complex to their. Best course of action was to stay behind and die in service to the Empire Capital! ' son, Ezra Bridger and his team were at the east gate and were Ready to a... They used as a self-interested opportunist wanting to save his own skin female that hailed from theplanet,... Steal both its flight recorder and hyperdrive, which later joined the Alliance to Restore Republic... Broadcast had inspired his parents to stage an escape but that they had perished the... Miss a beat then escaped with the three stolen corvettes that hailed from theplanet Lothal, Azadi led Ezra had! Speeder from the addition of one or more new images and die in to! Imperial fleet began jamming long-range transmissions '' the Alderaanian princess jamming all comlinks team exited the factory is voiced actor... Walkers proceeded to disable its gravity lock ; allowing Kanan to pilot the ship family, place! Reorganize, and sent help in the Star Wars information & discussion who appears in the third ship while proceeded.

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