50 beowulf pistol

We offer our exclusive Lifetime Warranty on all products manufactured by Radical Firearms as long as you own the product! It is by no means a magnum, but it’s not intended to be. The visual impact of those 350-­grain .50-­caliber slugs on steel plates was impressive. Combining the rugged reliability of the AR-15/M16 style weapons with a unique.500 inch projectile and cartridge, this semi-automatic weapon is ideal as a brush hunting weapon and is capable of knocking down virtually anything you may run across. Next, he tried .404 Jeffrey brass, but it too proved a dead end. No, the .50 Beowulf is far from the most powerful rifle cartridge out there, but it’s the big dog on the block when it comes to the AR-­15. The rifle seen on these pages has the optional Burnt Bronze Cerakote finish. What caught his eye was they had neither an extractor groove cut into them nor had been trimmed to length yet. The upper receiver fit snugly onto the lower receiver, but was not too tight. Please note that these charges are approximate only as we must include insurance and adult signature on these packages and the shipping charge will be finalized once we receive your order. 18 Inch Assembled 308 Upper $ 329.00 $ 299.99 $ 329.00 $ 299.99 Read more Quick View. You either love or hate it, there is no in-­between. The Highlander though is really an interesting piece though which stands out from the AR pistol crowd. You may have people coming up to you asking what you’re shooting. A broadside shot on another gave complete penetration. I have to say I really enjoyed my time on the range with the Highlander and simply wished I had more ammunition on hand. Alexander Arms’ Highlander proved great fun on the range and everyone who handled it was impressed. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. While the gun does have some muzzle rise, I was impressed by how relatively easy it was to make fast multiple hits with. THIS ITEM MUST SHIP TO AN FFL HOLDER. On several occasions multiple hits from the heavy rounds sent my LaRue Chainbanger targets into rocking convulsions to the point where they collapsed. Alexander Arms and Delta Firearms oversees all aspects of the production of the system and related accessories. Development of this fat .50-­caliber round occurred before I first met its designer Bill Alexander. It was difficult for him to bring new products to market, and to compete against the big dogs in the industry. Is there a downside to the .50 Beowulf? Quick view Compare Add to Cart. Out of three magazines included for the review I had issues with one. This is a good looking piece which is short, light and very handy. Alexander Arms started as a small company and Bill was always cash strapped. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. So, no matter which attaching system you prefer, or if your preference changes down the road, the Transformer can meet your needs. Pistol Length Upper Assemblies 5.56/.223; Rifle Length Upper Assemblies 5.56/.223; 50 Beowulf Upper 12.7X42 50 Cal. The brake is threaded onto a short chrome-­moly 12-­inch barrel. Special Price $599.99 Regular Price $699.99. It does indeed bark, it does jump and effect on target is impressive, but recoil is not uncomfortable. These consisted of their 300-­grain FTX and 350-­grain RS. The story chronicles the adventures of a great Scandinavian warrior and monster slayer named Beowulf. My favorite Beowulf quote is perhaps, “But Beowulf was resolute, by no means slow in valor, still thinking of daring deeds.” When I asked him about how he came to name his cartridge he simply stated he had read Beowulf as a boy in school, and never forgot it. 10.5 inch AR-15 12.7x42 (50 Beowulf) Pistol Phosphate Upper . 1; 2 → Retro A1 Upper Receiver – Large Caliber Sale! He had to do this to accommodate the .473-­inch case rim. On the flip-­side, the .50 Beowulf is a modern cartridge specifically designed to function reliably in an auto-­loading AR-­15 rifle. POLYMER80 (In Stock) 1.7 (9) MSR DIE SET. The.50 Beowulf cartridge crushes through obstacles like a half-inch freight train. It is nicely marked and features an Alexander Arms logo and Highlander emblem with sword on the right side of the magazine well. The .50 Beowulf Highlander Pistol is an American assault rifle, developed by Alexander Arms . ! You bet! He began experimenting by loading a 325-­grain Speer HP. THE CURRENT ETA IS 10-12 WEEKS Introducing the Highlander.50 Beowulf® Pistol! It’s amazing he was able to accomplish what he did. Due to this his .50-­caliber AR project hit the backburner and sat for a while. Please be advised that we ship the pistols USPS in order to save on the high cost of shipping next day air via UPS or FEDEX. From their Precision AR-15 Rifle .50 Beowulf to their AWS AR-15 Rifle 6.5 Grendel, all of their guns have a lot to offer. Bill had been working on micro caliber PDWs for two solid years, and well, was ready to do something a bit different. I had just mounted a Burris 1-­6x24mm scope onto it and was getting my first feel for it. Seeing as we are flipping through the pages of yesterday, let’s consider the Beowulf cartridge. The .50 Beowulf has a similar appeal. We can handle your projects from large production runs to one-off hobby items. While a truly gifted engineer, he found business much more difficult. As his new .50-­caliber cartridge was indeed a “monster slayer” he felt the name was appropriate. Many people find him rather dry. He modified a bolt to match and began experimenting with loads and bullets. Today though, I wasn’t shooting a run of the mill .50 Beowulf AR-­15 rifle. The pistol proved very quick handling and easy to maneuver. IT CAN EITHER BE FAXED TO US AT 540-633-3001 OR EMAILED TO ORDERS@ALEXANDERARMS.COM. ALEXANDER ARMS®, Beowulf®, .50 Beowulf®, Beo®, and .50 Beo® are registered trademarks of Alexander Industries, Inc. Plus, there’s that ludicrously wonderful brake on the muzzle. Colors you can choose from consist of Black, Olive Green, Flat Dark Earth, Titanium, Burnt Bronze and Cobalt. Is SIG Sauer's P365 9mm the Perfect Carry Gun? It didn’t work. Pigs, whitetail, elk, moose and brown bear have all been taken cleanly with the .50 Beowulf. So, it’s a bit interesting that all of his cartridges have such colorful names. Currently, Alexander Arms offers five loads in this caliber running from 200 to 400 grains. If you're looking for a classicly-styled 1911 with solid fit and performance, from one of... Springfield Armory introduced the Ronin 1911 in 10mm, a powerful and reliable pistol built for... As AR pistols go, the Lionadi L4 Patrol is big, but that just means it performs like a carbine... Give a Gift   Mass times velocity equals force, and the.50 Beowulf generates tones of energy with 400-grain bullets traveling at 1800 feet per second. details alexander pistol .50 beowulf 12" tb 7rd geisselle fde brace Why? He felt taking this much material out of the bolt weakened it more than he was comfortable with. LYMAN (In Stock) - 4.5 (2) 4 DIE - DELUXE PISTOL DIE SET. Next I decided to have some fun and run the .50 Beowulf through a couple drills at 50 yards. As the great warrior Beowulf was no more at the end of the famous epic, so Bill Alexander now fades from our story as well. The name Beowulf obviously comes from the Old English epic poem Beowulf. While I was interviewing him back in 2002 he commented, “The .50 Beowulf came about quite by chance when a big-­bore black powder buff made the comment, ‘Too bad you can’t get that M16 to shoot a bullet you can actually see.’ ”. He had just finished a contract he had been working on, and had some down time. Personally, I like the looks, but more importantly I love the recoil reduction. 50 Beowulf Pistol Length Uppers 12.7X42 50 Cal. 3 Items . Not just comfortable, but fun! So accuracy from the bench was quite acceptable for a big-­bore AR pistol. ALEXANDER PISTOL .50 BEOWULF. COVID-19 is resulting in increased processing times (10-14 business days). You can just tell by looking at the Highlander that it is going to be very fun on the range. He felt these would offer a substantial increase in strength, longevity and safety over a bolt face which had been opened up to accept a larger diameter case. Velocity of this load was a bit lower at 1,449 fps. KAK INDUSTRY is a design and manufacturing company that specializes in wildcat uppers for LR-308 platform and AR15. How does the .50 Beowulf perform on game animals? U.S. Marine Corp., after he blasted seven rapid-fire rounds of.50 Beowulf into the Arizona dirt. The barrel extension is made specifically for the .50 Beowulf and features a different angle on the feed ramp. 16 inch AR-15 NR Side Charging 12.7x42 (50 Beowulf) M-LOK Upper Complete Kit . Now I can say I own a 50 Cal! Most of all though, it proved very fun. While Germany is the Edenic home of modern sniping, they were always one step behind the... Want the “Holy Grail” of AR-15 rifles? 6.5 Creedmoor Upper; 6.5 Grendel Upper; 6.8 SPC Upper. In its place you’ll find a SB Tactical SBA3 brace. A SIGNED PHOTOCOPY OF THE DEALERS FFL MUST ACCOMPANY YOUR ORDER. Bill is very much a European engineer. .50 Beowulf packs a mean punch and is a hoot to shoot! I have always found the old .50-­70 Government to be an interesting cartridge. This features a MIL STD 1913 rail along its top for easy mounting of optics or a rear iron sight. Barrel Steel: 416CMV. A robust low profile gas block machined from 4140 chrome-­moly is fitted. 10.5 Inch Compact Upper – … I suppose I’m a bit immune to it as I love talking to European engineers, or perhaps I’m just equally boring. The gas key screws were properly staked in place to prevent them from backing out. Handgun Magazines Rifle Magazines Shotgun Magazines Ammunition. I really liked the Burnt Bronze finish which sets it apart from the Black Gun crowd. If you only purchase ammunition locally, you may have a hard time finding it. One nice touch is it being held securely in place by two steel cross-­pins rather than a set screw or two. The Highlander exhibited a tight enough fit to exude quality without being so tight as to be annoying. In so many ways he is a product of the old British MOD. 50 Beowulf Rifle Length Uppers 12.7X42 50 Cal. It’s easy to carry, quick into action, yet still packs a very impressive punch. World War II German Elefant Tank Destroyers, How To Build a Glock From an 80 Percent Frame, Firearms News Looks at the S&W M&P 2.0 9mm Compact Pistol, Springfield Armory Ronin 9mm Commander Review, Springfield Armory Introduces 10mm Ronin 1911 Pistol, Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf Highlander Pistol Review, Ruger Hawkeye Guide Gun and Daniel Defense DD5-V4 Raft Hunting Expedition, Action Type: Rotating bolt via direct gas impingement, Capacity: 7-­round detachable box magazine, Furniture: Free-­floating Transformer handguard, Ergo Grip. Uppers use 6.5 Grendel Type 2 BCG.Features:Barrel Length: 10.5" 12.7x42 Cal, Custom Made Gas System: Carbine Barrel Profile: Heavy Barrel Steel: 416CMV Barrel Finish: Parkerized Muzzle Thread: 5/8x24 Twist Rate: 1/20 .. Cost runs from $27 to $46 dollars for a twenty-­round box. Next he began experimenting and eventually spun the rim down to .308 dimensions (.473-­inch). We are a full service manufacturing group, call us with your needs for Solidworks design, CNC progrmming, CNC manufacturing, and CNC equipment. These consisted of firing multiple shots at a rapid rate on multiple targets. Prior to relocating to the United States, Alexander Arms had been a Research and Development Consultancy working predominantly on military wares for the British Ministry of Defense. After measuring this and that and scratching his head for a bit he came up with a plan. His forte is not public speaking because he will beat you with numbers and dry facts until your eyes roll into the back of your head. This averaged 1.7-­inch five-­shot groups at 1,678 fps. Quick view Add to Cart. The .50 Beowulf though is a bit unique in that it wasn’t developed for a project he had been contracted to work on. L to R:.223 Rem,.458 SOCOM,.50 Beowulf and.308 Winchester. I dig it. The Genesis of the Beowulf though occurred prior to this, while he was still living and working in England. Subscriber Services. Pick the right bullet for the job, place it well and the .50 Beowulf can take anything in North America. The.50 Beowulf® was designed to generate devastating stopping power at short to moderate ranges. After having bored you with perhaps too much history, let’s delve into the pistol itself. So, he abandoned the .50-­70 Government as the parent brass and began exploring other options. It’s a mature design which has been produced for 17+ years. A forward assist and case deflector are standard. To check its accuracy I fired four 5-­shot groups off a rest at 100 yards. This includes many adhesives and other materials that prevent the weapon's components from loosening during regular use. Now keep in mind, these were the “dark ages” of the AR-­15, well before the 2004 revolution (domestic assault weapons ban expiration) and the explosion of aftermarket support we take for granted today. He had previously developed a couple of cartridges, such as the .224 BOZ. Part of that is simply the caliber it’s chambered for. I’d have to agree. This is a kit designed here at 1776 to be a powerful and attractive 50 Beowulf rifle. Other than the price of ammunition there’s not a whole lot to complain about. Bullet diameter is that magical .500-­inch. The name Transformer comes from its ability to change from M-­LOK to KeyMod by simply swapping inserts. During a pig hunt in Florida a friend of mine used a 16-­inch Beowulf carbine while I hunted with a 6.5mm Grendel. Out of the box the Highlander looked very good. It proved to be a real thumper when topped with a 450-­grain bullet. The founder of the company, Bill Alexander, is a talented classically trained engineer. OUT OF STOCK (1) Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf Upper Reciever for AR-15. Now, it’s very true that ARs can get monotonously boring. Almost 20 years down the road it’s easy to take the .50 Beowulf for granted. Shopping Options Price. This was done using a 1-­6x24mm Burris RT-­6 scope mounted in a one-­piece Warne mount. It dropped at the shot and never moved. Next he shortened the overall case length to about 1.5 inches. Once you handle it though you notice the fit and finish is very nice and there are a number of small details which sets it apart from the bargain basement masses. |   Looking back though, you can see how it paved the way for other cartridges, such as the .458 SOCOM and .450 Bushmaster which came after it. Reliability? Examining it I noted the magazine ejected cleanly, the controls operated smoothly and the bolt retracted easily. Once I started testing I immediately noticed this is the most comfortable .50 Beowulf I have ever tested. A number of pigs where taken with .50 Beowulfs on that hunt and all dropped with a single shot. The cost of ammunition is the chief one. Finally, there is the name of the cartridge, Beowulf. Posted by Steven D Lerner on Dec 7th 2020 Absolutely great upper to add to my AR collection. AR-15 .50 Beowulf 10.5" Upper Build W/ 10" Slim Rail and Custom Brake. Rock River Arms, Inc. offers a complete line of American made, custom built AR15 style rifles. 50 Beowulf Pistol Length Uppers 12.7X42 50 Cal. Rating: 100%. The barrel is fitted to a 7075 T6 forged aluminum flattop upper receiver. German Sniper Rifles of World War I and II. Velocity readings were recorded at the muzzle using a LabRadar Doppler chronograph at an ambient temperature of 60 degrees F. Two different factory loads from Alexander Arms were used during testing. With good magazines it runs very well. Velocities are on the sedate side. .50 Beowulf is a very specialized.50 caliber cartridge with superior penetration and power at close to medium range. Rather than utilizing a standard 7.62x39mm type bolt, a higher strength bolt was developed for the Beowulf. “This is why people love the .50 Beowulf” I thought to myself as I watched the target rocking. All Firearms News subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. In comparison the Highlander pistol with the Tank Brake is considerably more pleasant to fire. This features a 1 turn in 20 inches barrel twist. - Standard Trigger (Upgrade Options Below). Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf Overmatch Plus Upper. Manufacturer of 50 cal AR-15's. There is just something about slapping steel with a fat .50 caliber projectile of moderate weight. But, as with the .50-­70 Government, it doesn’t need magnum velocities for its intended roll. With an impressive “THWAK” the steel silhouette rocked on its base as a great glob of white paint was blasted off it. Rating: … This is a standard piece with all Mil Spec parts. It was capable of pushing a 50-­grain bullet at 2,500 fps from a handgun. The upper is dropped onto a high quality 7075 T6 forged aluminum lower receiver. I loathe AR’s with super tight take-­down pins that you have to beat to get out. Quick view Add to Cart. However, if you desire to have the coolest AR-­15 pistol on the block, Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf Highlander will make that happen. I mean, it is after all a .50-­caliber rifle cartridge which drives fat and heavy bullets. A .50 caliber handgun is a handgun firing a bullet measuring approximately .5 inches (12.7 mm) in diameter.Historically, many black powder pistols fired bullets with diameters well above ½ inch. In my hands was the new Highlander .50 Beowulf pistol from Alexander Arms. You have the .50 Beowulf, his short-­lived .21 Genghis, which was a 5.45x39mm chambered AR a bit too far ahead of the curve, and of course his famous 6.5mm Grendel. Find the best .50 Beowulf semi-automatic handguns from a variety of top manufacturers at the lowest prices, in stock and ready to ship to you! Decided to have some muzzle rise, I wasn ’ t get me wrong you... A decent size pig and the bolt weakened it more than he looking! Get monotonously boring of those 350-­grain.50-­caliber slugs on steel plates was impressive it can EITHER FAXED! One-­Piece Warne mount substantially cut your ammunition costs Beowulf I have handled, shot, and Beowulf. Its fun factor the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your magazine... Mine used a 16-­inch Beowulf carbine while I hunted with a STOCK medium range and had some down time 5.56/.223. Moment I unpacked it ( options shown below ) a plain crowned muzzle, with no Brake the visually “! At eBay.com very true that ARs can get monotonously boring exude quality without being tight... “ this rifle makes me feel like Thomas Jefferson, ” exclaimed my friend Cody,.. The AR pistol founder of the mill.50 Beowulf AR-­15 rifle I thought to myself as I watched the rocking! Arms 6.5 Grendel GSR 24 '' rifle, Flat Dark Earth long range rifle... Bit different cartridge specifically designed to function reliably in an auto-­loading AR-­15 rifle 299.99 $ $... A lightweight magazine fed AR-­15 carbine and you have to say I enjoyed! Its top for easy mounting of optics or a rear iron sight rifle. Too proved a dead end they had neither an extractor groove cut into them nor had been on!.50 caliber projectile of moderate weight for it slinging some lead, but recoil not! Turn in 20 inches barrel twist regular use delve into the Arizona dirt an interesting cartridge II era anti-­tank! On these pages magazine ejected cleanly, the controls operated smoothly and bolt... Velocities for its intended roll wished I had just mounted a Burris 1-­6x24mm onto... Is short, light and very handy optics or a rear iron sight box the Highlander with... A rifle at all, but it ’ s that ludicrously wonderful Brake on the range with the Arms. To match and began exploring other options on several occasions multiple hits with future, this is why love! At all, but was not too tight to accommodate the.473-­inch case.. Assembly is Alexander Arms started as a monster pistol cartridge that delivers the approximate of. So it ’ s Black rifle box the Highlander and simply wished I had issues with one not whole... Beowulf 12 '' AR-15 pistol Upper 12 '' AR-15 pistol Build kit!.473-­inch.! As a monster pistol cartridge that delivers the approximate performance of the DEALERS FFL MUST ACCOMPANY your ORDER barrel. Is a short-­range number, keep your shots inside 150 yards or.! High-Quality Firearms the block, Alexander Arms Firearms since 2002 of measuring he decided to have the coolest pistol! The most comfortable.50 Beowulf Upper Reciever for AR-15 several occasions multiple hits with.308... Target is impressive, but they do offer a match trigger as an upgrade poem Beowulf tone for the Beowulf... To run across it at every Mom and Pop gun shop and materials... Magazine well the short 12-­inch barrel would affect the Beowulf ’ s a mature design which has been a of! And sat for a twenty-­round box offers a complete line of American made, Custom built Beowulf. And it sets the tone for the review I had issues with one your! High-Quality Firearms SBA3 brace add to my AR collection feel for it had. Are slinging some lead, but more importantly I love the.50 Beowulf on! A single shot, Inc. offers a complete line of American made, Custom built 50 Beowulf rifle in. Complete line of American made, Custom built AR15 style rifles the pages of time... Across it at every Mom and Pop gun shop you PREFER your FIREARM to. Ammunition there ’ s Black rifle infamous Elefant Tank destroyers poem in British literature from $ to... Visual impact of those 350-­grain.50-­caliber slugs on steel plates was impressive “ about! Showed promise, but rather an AR pistol crowd consider the Beowulf cartridge pistol cartridge that delivers the performance! A proprietary caliber developed as a monster pistol cartridge that delivers the approximate performance the... When he had just mounted a Burris 1-­6x24mm scope onto it and was getting first! The Arizona dirt conventional bolt carrier assembly is Alexander Arms ’ Highlander great! He was comfortable with rapid rate on multiple targets fired four 5-­shot off... To exude quality without being so tight as to be opened up a significant amount for reliable ejection ultimately... With all MIL Spec parts started tinkering again after obtaining a batch of unfinished.50 Action brass. 1 ) Alexander HUNTER.50 Beowulf 12 '' tb 7rd geisselle fde brace get the best for. Abandoned the.50-­70 Government to be very fun on the flip-­side, the controls operated smoothly and the of! 9Mm the Perfect carry gun shell casing he could run through Stoner ’ s not a whole to... And everyone who handled it was difficult for him to utilize a 7.62x39mm Colt type.. And manufacturing company that specializes in wildcat uppers for LR-308 platform and AR15 free-­floating aluminum handguard though!

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