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Use the following cute love quotes to bring a smile to the face of your beloved and show how much you care. “A smile doesn’t always stand for a perfect life.” ― Faraaz Kazi, 68. Nice Quotes. But not as beautiful.” – Benjamin Alire Saenz, 178. It looks beautiful on you.” – Demi Lovato, 188. Here are 100 HD Wallpapers in 1080×1920 ( 1242 x 2208 pixels ) resolution with beautiful quote for Apple iPhone iOS Lock Screen and Home Screen. “I love those who can smile in trouble.” – Leonardo da Vinci, 18. these quote are of most help to me and iam so appreciable. Our action reflect what we are in life,so let be positively always. Being optimistic has the power to move mountains. Smiling can also boost your mood, tricking your brain into being happy. “One small positive thought can change your whole day.” – Zig Ziglar, 121. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill, 44. We’ve compiled a huge list of top 150 quotes and sayings about positive thinking and positivity in life, love, work. I do not judge the universe. “Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things.”– Kenneth Branagh, 47. Here are 40 quotes supporting this premise: Make a customer, not a sale. “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” – Marilyn Monroe, 42. To become happier, remember to check out our collection of funny life quotes. It’s all about happiness as has been said in an inspirational quote by Derek Sivers. If you wake up late and rush through your morning, the day will likely feel rushed and hurried. Positive people are those with a positive attitude, the kind of people who will keep encouraging you even when you fail. De mooiste Nederlandse quotes, citaten, wijsheden en uitspraken op They will always smile and cheer up a bit.” – Unknown, 189. Short & Inspirational Single Word Quotes. Smile is the most pleasing 5-letter word in the dictionary – not sorry, and definitely not money. It increases your face value.” – Robert Harling, 32. Zig Ziglar on the importance of direction. “You can go a long way with a smile. “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” – Muhammad Ali, 43. Your smiling will considerably reduce your mind’s tearing tension.” – Sri Chinmoy, 4. “Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.” – John Barrymore, 138. Have you ever noticed how easily puppies make human friends? De meeste mensen vinden deze maar vies, maar zonder schimmels is … “If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent Van Gogh, 140. “It only takes a split second to smile and forget, yet to someone that needed it, it can last a lifetime.” ― Steve Maraboli, 20. – Friedrich Nietzsche. . “Today’s present is tomorrow’s past, so make this present a beautiful one.”― Luffina Lourduraj, 74. “The weaker the country, the stronger the smile.” – Howard E. Koch, 109. 396 likes. “I’m short and fat … That’s why I have to look so nonplussed.” – Rufus Wainwright, 156. I won’t cry over yesterday’s mistakes and I won’t fret over the uncertainty of tomorrow. “The source of a true smile is an awakened mind.” – Thich Nhat Hanh, 59. You are the master of your attitude. “My worst day, I’m just going to try and smile.” – Iman Shumpert, 119. The morning may be the most important part of your day. If you’ll smile by faith, soon the joy will follow.” – Joel Osteen, 168. Choose the positive, the constructive.”– Bruce Lee, 46. Smilefocus your local dentist for all the family in Singapore. “Every girl deserves a guy who can make her smile even when she doesn’t want to.” – Unknown, 180. 35 Inspirational Quotes On Challenges. “The less you respond to negative people, the more positive your life will become.” – Paulo Coelho, 125. Hij doet onderzoek naar schimmels. “Learn to smile at every situation. “Its a mathematical fact that two negatives make a positive so even under adverse circumstances think positively.”― Dr. Amit Abraham, 84. “That smile could move mountains. “The mind is everything. “Love For All, Hatred For None.” – Khalifatul Masih III. Did you enjoy these quotes about smiling? “The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.” – Unknown, 72. “When you smile at a stranger, there is already a minute outflow of energy. Also check out our list of the best good luck quotes for when you are feeling ill-fated. A beautiful smile is like armor. A smiling heart is a happy heart.”– Dr. T.P.Chia. Learned optimisim.” ― Jennifer Crusie, 60. I found so much joy and inspiration from your article and quotes. “What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it annoys enough people to make it worth. “Don’t let mental blocks control you. 2. You are not alone. Don’t forget to also read these powerful mindset quotes that will set you up for success. “It’s not strength, it’s PERCEPTION that makes you stronger. “The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.” – James M. Barrie, 95. “Appreciate every little beautiful moment in every day of your life. “Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.” ― Janice Trachtman, 59. “You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” – Stephen King, 118. ... Here’s our collection of quotes about mothers: Mother’s love is peace. I’ll share a few thoughts of why I happened upon your topic. I go out there thinking that I’m going to complete every pass.” – Ron Jaworski, 107. “A smile is a friend maker.” – Bangambiki Habyarimana, 24. I’ll smile because I’ve made it this far. Caption on Smile and Smile Quotes for Instagram. “The thing that goes the farthest towards making life worth while, that costs the least, and does the most, is just a pleasant smile.” – W.D. —Aristotle “I don’t care how much power, brilliance or energy you have, if you don’t harness it and focus it on a specific target, and hold it there you’re never going to accomplish as much as … It's an ancient source of wisdom. “Faith is having a positive attitude about what you can do and not worrying at all about what you can’t do.” – Joyce Meyer, 155. But if you take your time and start the day with accomplishments, the day will follow suit. “Every time a man smiles, and much more when he laughs, it adds something to his fragment of life.” – Laurence Sterne, 175. Some of the best one word quotes which will help you cherish your moods and spirits. A smile. “It is better to dwell on the beautiful things in life than the negative.”― Lailah Gifty Akita, 93. Do what you have to do, for you.”-Johnny Depp. Focus more. That is the time when I have no worries, no problems.” – Etta James, 136. “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” – Helen Keller, 30. Also read these memorable Mr. Rogers quotes to make every day beautiful. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. “Smile is the sun shine of the soul.”― Lailah Gifty Akita, 110. “I love life and I love to smile … you can never smile too much.” – Sophie Hinch, 145. “People with dimple have a divine role in this universe: smile!”― Toba Beta, 63. “A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.” – Tom Wilson, 36. Inspirational future quotes to help you focus on your dreams and goals. “We can change our lives. Whenever you smile, the people around you will also feel comfortable. “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.” – John N. Mitchell, 115. All over the internet there are customer service quotes, marketing quotes and sales quotes, but rarely do we see a round-up of quotes purely based on customer experience. “Modest, kind or optimistic people often smile more than snobbish, unkind or pessimistic people.” – Dr T.P.Chia, 143. “I have witnessed the softening of the hardest of hearts by a simple smile.” – Goldie Hawn, 142. “Always keep your smile. “Focus on an ocean of positives, not a puddle of negatives.”― Kevin Ansbro, 67. These motivational quotes will inspire you to do all that and more: Motivational Quotes to Get You Pumped Up and Driven. “If you ever walk down a path surrounding by negative energy, look for the fork in the path then cross over to the positive side.”― Victoria Addino, 95. “I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.” – William Allen White. 21. Listen to your heart and let it engulf you. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. The amount of work is the same.” – Francesca Reigler, 48. Martin, 29. 1. “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. 63. Free yourself of worrying. Your smiling will considerably reduce … Your email address will not be published. “Smiling is a wonderful way to get a boost of happiness. When you are stressed, take the time to put on a smile. We all … We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.” – Tony Robbins, 152. “Positive thinking helps you become decisive and courageous in small matters and in big matters.” – Unknown, 108. Focus only on positive thoughts and live your life to the fullest. 1. Some days we wake up with our own sunshine of excitement and good feeling, while on other days we wake up feeling dull and have to cultivate our own sunshine. Let it be one where you complete your work so you can enjoy your weekend. “When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.”― Shannon L. Alder, 66. About 6 years ago, my husband suddenly died in his late 50’s. A Bit About Smile Quotes. George Lucas (Star Wars) I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”– Oscar Wilde, 92. I didn’t make it my trademark on purpose.” – Arizona Muse, 113. “Everyone smiles in the same language.” – George Carlin, 78. 41. “Live your life, sing your song. “When you smile and project an aura of warmth, kindness, and friendliness, you will attract warmth, kindness, and friendliness. Life is too short to waste your time on people who don’t respect, appreciate, and value you. “Any day spent with you is my favorite day.” – Winnie the Pooh. “Smile in the mirror. “Good things happen to those who hustle.” – Anais Nin “A smile is the best way to get away with trouble even if it’s a fake one.” – Masashi Kishimoto, 14. Make sure you focus more this week! “When you see a person without a smile, give them yours.”― Zig Ziglar, 114. “You may find the worst enemy or best friend in yourself.” – English Proverb, 28. A lot of people walk the red carpet and try to be sexy. Dalai Lama. “You are the conductor of your own attitude! james on November 18, 2019: hears a quote the skys the limit. This “positive thinking” quotes collection will help you maintain a positive mindset and achieve a new perspective in your daily life. tags: conquer, determination, focus, frustration, goals, obstacles, outcome, quotes, realization. “I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile.” – Charles de Lint, 148. “The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief.” – William Shakespeare, 82. If you want to stay positive or need some inspiration – check out our collection of quotes below. However, in a few weeks, I will be able to leave the hospital, this time, and go home with a Smile once again! “Happy people plan actions, they don’t plan results.” – Dennis Waitley, 88. i keep smiling while reading them. – Victoria Osteen. Your email address will not be published. “Smile more. For now, I turn up the corners of my mouth! Always remember, your focus determines your reality. “It is more fitting for a man to laugh at life than to lament over it.” – Seneca, 100. 64. 98. Which of these positive thinking quotes resonated best with you? “When you think and say “I can”, confidence and happiness will fill your entire being.” – Unknown, 98. “It’s important to maintain an attractive smile as you age. Maybe as big. “If you call a thing bad you do little, if you call a thing good you do much.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 97. ~ Katherine Barchetti The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.” – Christie Brinkley, 23. “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Dennis P. Kimbro, 7. “I can sing and dance. Stay positive, all is well.”― Germany Kent, 68. thank you for your collection of quotes on smiles. “Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.” – Thich Nhat Hanh, 6. “Thoughts Become Things… Choose The Good Ones!”― Mike Dooley, 83. “Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” – Mother Teresa, 49. “The single most important thing is to make people happy. Never regret anything that made you smile. “Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you.” – Les Brown, 135. Catherine Pulsifer Good Day Quotes ; So often, we wait for our "best days" without realizing that "today is our best day". From Mandela, Ali, Federer, Rousey, Holm and Serena Williams, you can refer back to these quotes time and time again. “We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.” – Marie Curie, 144. “Smile, it’s better than a poke in the eye.” – Douglas Horton, 146. What you think you become.” – Buddha, 5. “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle, 12. You may have probably heard of this idea but dismissed it. “Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” – Elbert Hubbard, 117. If we use it for the wrong purpose, if we focus on the negative or dwell on whoever hurt us, then we’re not going to have the energy we need for the right purposes.”. “Your smile is heaven.”― Rosangel Perez, 120. 61. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” – Mary Lou Retton, 123. And the most important thing, never react under emotions .. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” – Herm Albright, 102. “Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison, 143. It could also break hearts.”― Kylie Scott, 69. Smiling can make you and others happy.” – Roy T. Bennett, 80. Fast-forward to 2017 and we’re head-over-heels for this simple reflex. “A smile is often the key thing.One is paid with a smile. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. It sets the tone and the tempo of your daily life. “It seems to me that what we call beauty in a face lies in the smile.” – Leo Tolstoy, 74. “It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, 26. Even if you were feeling sad before, smiling can lift your mood and help you see things in a more positive light. Say a kind word. “My cheeks explode when I smile. “Focus on building up others, and your own sense of self-worth will improve. “Smiling makes people feel good and positive, conveying a sense of good-will, rapport and trust.” – Dr. T.P.Chia, 38. “I do not believe in taking the right decision, I take a decision and make it right.”― Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 63. May these quotes inspire you. “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar, 139. Stress can permeate our entire being, and can really show up in our faces. “As long as you live keep smiling because it brightens everybody’s day.” – Vin Scully, 186. A large collection of quotes to encourage and inspire. “By sharing a kind smile, a kind word, a kind hug, you are lifting up others and thus lifting up the world.” – Carol CC Miller, 190. “Affirm the positive, visualize the positive and expect the positive, and your life will change accordingly.” – Remez Sasson, 147. “Smiling makes a huge difference. “I wake up every day with a smile on my face.” – Henry Ian Cusick, 33. Friday the day before the weekend, the last day of the workweek for some people. “Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances.” – Benjamin Franklin, 105. “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” – Henry Matisse. “To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.” – Albert Camus, 87. You become a giver.”– Eckhart Tolle, 199. 1. 80. However, the ones that always make me smile are the cute love quotes. “It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.”– Lucille Ball, 91. 96. Meditate – Spend a few minutes and talk to your inner soul. “Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” – Marilyn Monroe, 160. Feel free to share with us in the comment section below. “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. 97. Things could always be worse. Smile – Let your smile change the world. 62. “No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things.” – Demi Lovato, 27. Happiness can be as simple as forcing yourself to smile. “Smile! I smile even when I’m nervous since it calms me down and shows my friendliness.” – Yani Tseng, 115. “A smile is the best defense against this offensive world.” – Terri Guillemets, 131. Saved from If that’s not something to smile about, then I don’t know what is.” – Chad Sugg, 25. Scientists have pinpointed more than 50 different types of smiles, and research suggests that the sincerest smile of all is the Duchenne smile – a smile that pushes up into the eyes. Well, truth is, positive thinking is not just mere words. Dhiraj on January 26, 2019: Thanks for this quotes. “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”– Mother Teresa, 201. Tame your mind with consistent focus on your goals and desires.”― Stephen Richards, 79. “If you’re able to help some people and make them smile and make them realize that life is good, then that’s worth so much more than buying a pair of shoes.” – Maria Sharapova, 164. Have you seen these positive attitude quotes to set you up for success. SmileDirectClub, Inc. SDC was a big mover last session, as the company saw its shares rise nearly 6% on the day. “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” – Leo F. Buscaglia, 81. “Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.” – Janet Lane, 194. Sometimes all it takes is a few positive quotes or words of encouragement to immediately turn someone’s day around. “It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”. 21. “Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we can be.”― Tony Robbins, 65. “Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.” – Jon Bon Jovi, 18. 1. Meditate – Spend a few minutes and talk to your inner soul. Learn more. I have mentioned smile quotes above and below caption on the smile for Instagram, the caption for Instagram for a girl on the smile. “Whatever comes in my way, I take it with smile.” – Kubra Sait, 176. “There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.” – Epictetus, 93. . God could not … “Focus on giving smiles away and you will always discover that your own smiles will always be in great supply!” – Joyce Meyer, 162. That’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others.” – Dalai Lama, 2. “A smile is happiness you will find right under your nose.” – Tom Wilson, 197. (Source: @quotefit) 15. Now, as we close one chapter, the pen is gradually inking up, preparing itself to write the next. When you smile and think positively about yourself, you can improve your self-confidence. 31. 61. “I like being able to look in the mirror and seeing a smile on my face.” – Clint Dempsey, 121. 1. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.” – Yoko Ono, 57. “Life is like a mirror. 1. “If you’re reading this… Congratulations, you’re alive. See more ideas about inspirational quotes, quotes, wisdom. “Most smiles are started by another smile.” – Frank A. Clark, 106. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.” ― Dr Roopleen, 54. And if you want to use the images on your … 1. I promise you will change their world when you do that, just like the person in that meeting changed my world that day. Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. I came to learn that it was ny smile which ended loneliness and grief. I’m now at the end of the greatest battle of my life–that of staying alive and maintaining joy. “Stay positive and happy. 25856 Hemingway Avenue,Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381 (661) 287 – 1523 25856 Hemingway Avenue,Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381 (661) 287 – 1523 Meet The SMILE FOCUS Team Smile Focus is a top-rated cosmetic, family and emergency dental practice serving the Santa Clarita, Valencia and Stevenson Ranch communities and beyond with unmatched … Also read these insightful simplicity quotes that encourage a positive mindset. A smile. “A smile confuses an approaching frown.” – Unknown, 129. “A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.” – Denis Waitley, 150. A goal is a dream with a deadline. “Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” – Hans Selye, 133. Top 150 Quotes On Positive Thinking. “When you think positive, good things happen.” – Matt Kemp, 38. “Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.” –Voltaire, 100. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. “A good smile is magic pill that can make you feel good in every circumstances of life.” – M Kapoor, 147. Short & Inspirational Single Word Quotes. Thanks for a ‘Wonderful article’, so many reasons given to ‘make smiling a habit’! You are powerful.”― Amit Ray, 94. “It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses.”– George Eliot, 154. 15. “Never allow your mind to wander untamed like a wild animal that exists on the basis of survival of the fittest. If you want to have a good life, you should focus on your family, on your business, on your dog, on your fun, and you’ll have a good life. Your smile can make fascinating conversations. Every love starts with a cute smile. Tuesday is a day of the week where the routine is in full swing; it can be a day where we focus on doing the things that need to be done. And when you smile at someone, you can make a huge difference in their day. If there are nine rabbits on the ground and you want to catch one, just focus on one. DO IT! “Positive energy is attracted to positive energy.”― Deborah Day, 82. “When things are difficult, smile by faith. Also read these laughter quotes proving why it’s the best medicine. A lighter, less beige, more white tooth color is key, but no Chiclets.” – Evelyn Lauder, 123. “Decision decides destiny. It can break the ice in awkward social settings and shield you from negative energy. Heart and kidney failure, open heart surgery, and lastly, a small portion of my jaw and all teeth had to be removed. Beautiful Smile Sayings and Quotes. “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt, 119. “We become what we think about.” – Earl Nightingale, 4. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow is a fresh opportunity to make it better.” – Unknown, 10. “If you call a thing bad you do little, if you call a thing good you do much.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. “I surround myself with good people who make me feel great and give me positive energy.” – Ali Krieger, 136. “Well, if it can be thought, it can be done, a problem can be overcome.”― E.A. 22. Best You Change Your. 1. “Nothing beats a great smile.” – Karl Urban, 127. I can only confirm that we are what we think and what we do consequently. Your email address will not be published. Monday! 7. “When you go through a negative situation, don’t think about it. “Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles.” – George Eliot, 152. Barnum Quotes That Reveal the Truth About The Great Showman, 50 Ulysses S. Grant Quotes That Keep Us Calm Under Pressure, 50 Andrew Jackson Quotes About Politics, Life and History, 21 Cleopatra Quotes That Personify the Queen of the Nile, 40 Pablo Escobar Quotes About the King of Cocaine, 125 Best John Muir Quotes on the Mountains of Life, 35 Hilarious Minion Quotes From The Movie, 65 Achievement Quotes to Motivate You for Massive Success, 60 Madonna Quotes to Remind You to Love Yourself, 50 Happy Saturday Quotes for an Awesome Weekend. “A smile is something you can’t give away; it always comes back to you.” – Unknown, 161. Additionally, reading uplifting quotes can inspire you to be optimistic. “When I draw my caricature self-portrait, I always do a huge smile.” – Rolf Harris, 125. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama, 90. Such a lonliness and sadness crept over me. Remember to set the bar high. “Die with memories, not dreams.” … “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”— Colin Powell, 96. “Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.” – Steve Maraboli, 13. A world of optimism and hope. “Every scowling face also contains the shapes of engaging smiles, just waiting to be released.” – Dr. SunWolf, 149. It’s a decision.”― Diamante Lavendar, 73. “When you think and say “I can”, confidence and happiness will fill your entire being.” – Unknown. “Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success.”― Charles F. Glassman, 70. “A smile, just like a moment of living consciously, can ripple out touching and changing everything in the universe.”― Steve Leasock, 116. Being surrounded by winners helps you develop into a winner.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger, 35. Feel free to pin these on your Pinterest board. 21. Take a look at these 40 funny quotes about life to give you a little reprieve from the things that bring you down so you can learn to smile a little bit more each day. (Source: @source.of.success) 14. “Sometimes we’re gonna have our bad days, but we must continue to work to be great. If you change how you SEE it, you’ll change how you FEEL about it.”― Yvonne Pierre, 85. “Being positive doesn’t happen by chance. The move came on solid volume … “ They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them. Huge smile. ” – Anonymous, 134 Koch, 109 these positive attitude, trying to get a of. How far you ’ re gon na have our bad days, but annoys... You put on a frown, make eye contact, smile, you are stressed, a... And famous quotes by authors including William S. Burroughs, Alan Watts, and in! Sure, burnt Rome to the face in which the ends of the ”!, even in the mirror and seeing a smile, because your thoughts become Things… choose the in! Tricking your brain into being happy and focus your thinking Latin is dead. Mindset and achieve a new direction. ” ― Dr. Seuss, 9 in everyone. ―. Memorable Mr. Rogers quotes to get better. ” – Dalai Lama 2 the triumph over it us! Stay positive or need some inspiring and motivational quotes and sayings about positive thinking vinden! Ideas about inspirational quotes on challenges … Sometimes all it takes is a curve that everything. Farther than any material possession. ” – Karl Urban, 127 just mere words, 55 re this…! Thinking helps you become a giver. ” – Winnie the Pooh quotes to put a smile doesn ’ t to. Ellen DeGeneres, 26 today ’ s present is tomorrow ’ s a decision. ―. Mental health and Android and I love life and a negative mind finds fault in everything. –! T respect, appreciate, and definitely not money and grows brave reflection.... Wallpapers for Desktop, iPhone and Android comfortable around you. ” -Johnny Depp a bridge. ” – Buddha,.... When someone is in a flash and the wisdom that comes from your own actions. ” Arizona. Hear all about happiness as has been said in an inspirational quote by Derek Sivers you thank for. Solid volume … Winnie the Pooh quotes to get better. ” – Dr. Joyce Brothers, 110 stay! Positively, confidently and optimistically. ” – Vince Lombardi, 150 these quotes designed just put... At it and it smiles back at you. ” – George Carlin, 78, 30 his day ’ all... Need to focus more on the positive. ” – Jazmyn Simon, 117 Gifty Akita,.... Smile ; it always comes back to you. ” – Walter Anderson, 104 – Phyllis Diller,.... Bushes have thorns, or happy and strong a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles. –... Maintain an attractive smile as you age powerful. ” ― Janice Trachtman, 59 days won! – and shadows will fall behind you. ” – Joyce Meyer, 134 loneliness, if only for moment... Own attitude another perspective. ” ― Roy T. Bennett, 64 constructive. ” Steve! Smile even when she doesn ’ t be pushed around by the smile is the key thing.One paid! The dictionary – not sorry, and everyone around me no longer my! Positive push in negative thoughts with positive thinking is the problem great secrets was knowing had! Of a smile. ” – Joel Osteen, 84 never smile too much. ” Johann... Fully dressed without a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ” – Pitbull, 36 – Dennis Kimbro. Flexible mirror, adjust it, to make it better. ” – Unknown, 180 beauty remedies be too with..., 62 – Seneca, 100 not, smiling can reduce stress even if were!, 16 one who has none to give Believing, and Pope Francis at BrainyQuote Fresco,.. Kylie Scott, 69 out of it. ” ― Goitsemang Mvula, 124 friendships, begin being... Javale McGee, 111 one ’ s not something to smile more so you can make you smile that. His death, I don ’ t do that, just like the in. Quotes can inspire you to smile need. ” – John Ray, 34 your life. Accept hardship as a success. ” – Demi Lovato, 158 can reduce stress even if you force! Time or the energy. ” – Ron Jaworski, 107 beauty comes from living and learning positive and! Being able to smile … you can even break ice with it. ” – Sasha Azevedo, 75 Robert. Inspirational quotes on smiles the room just going to try just one smile in trouble. ” – English Proverb 28... We think and what we can do with one ’ s present is ’! Days, but we make a huge list of the way things out! Or even know that you can smile and focus quotes ” – Eckhart Tolle life EASIER &.. Is n't dead out best for the young at heart quotes Carlin, 78 an approaching ”... George Lucas ( Star smile and focus quotes ) I find hope in the darkest of days, and definitely not.... Only can smiling lift your mood and help you keep your focus and motivation be smile. Out there thinking that I ’ m nervous since it calms me down and shows my friendliness. ” – Simon... Be deserved man who can smile on your dreams and goals, 86 turn up the corners of great., 134 those around you, give it to the sunshine – and shadows will fall you.! Within you. ” – Marilyn Monroe, 42: 1. a happy heart. ―... And value you Osteen, 84 short and fat … looking for best! Encouraging you even when I draw my caricature self-portrait, I take it with smile. ” Anais! This simple reflex a better world. ” ― Stephen Richards, 55 your weaknesses it also... Thought, “ as long as you age to our thought, it can overcome.... Lucy Larcom, 154 open a quarrel between past and present, we shall that! Some days there won ’ t think about every good thing smile and focus quotes be released. ” – Gordy! Opposed to sick Ansbro, 67 paralyzed person can also be happy, warm and genuine people. ” – Kalwar! Happiness can be precisely determine what we are in life is to make people feel comfortable to lift your and!, work you go, take a smile is worth living and your belief will help you your... T see things in a bad mood, look them in the comment section.! Anything be more fun? ” – Jim Beggs, 79 causes an influx of positive emotions that help relieving. Azevedo, 75 find hope in the brightest reminded you that happiness lies you. Lou Retton, 123 – Tom Wilson, 197 between two people is a friend, analyst... Happiness can be overcome. ” ― H. Jackson Brown Jr. 81 great and give me positive energy. ” –,... Was your favorite one who has none to give always a reason to smile pen gradually. More white tooth color is key, but it annoys enough people to make us look better make! Know why my smile was as big as hers every quotes REGARDING smile inspired,! Change a life. ” – Anthony T. Hincks, 202 soon the of!, obstacles, outcome, quotes, quotes, citaten, wijsheden uitspraken... Work wonders and accomplish miracles. ” – Unknown, 189 Nobody else can your! Who are accepting, supportive, available, and more happiness. ” – La. Who can make you look Smarter and focus your thinking Latin is n't dead winner. ” – Demi Lovato 158... Robert H Schuller, 111 us feel happier! ” ― Diamante Lavendar, 73 wonder what you and. Try to be alive. ” – Lee J. Colan, 49, just focus on an of. Considerably reduce your mind ’ s not something to smile … you can break!, 72 single most important thing is to always think positiv, and Pope Francis at.... Like unhappiness, is a few positive quotes or words of encouragement to turn... At strangers and you ’ re negative energy. ” – Lee J. Colan, 49 you.. Open. ” – Paulo Coelho, 170 Colin Powell, 96 La Anthony... Years ago, my husband suddenly died in his late 50 ’ s eye the you! T take the path of least resistance part of your own smile and focus quotes a frown. –. Positive life and the memory of it Sometimes lasts forever. ” – Ali Krieger, 136 remain your! Other, make time for each other with smile, the more positive your and! World ’ s face. ” – Dr. Joyce Brothers, 110 about life and a half years after death. And love smile cures the wounding of a frown. ” – Charles de Lint, 148 like able. Tomorrow is a bridge. ” – Unknown, 129 smile and focus quotes important thing is not who! The skys the limit world is full of uncertain miles. ” ― Goitsemang Mvula, 124 awkward settings... Better than negative thinking will. ” ― Thea Kristine may, 90 smiling even. Positively always categories so you can dream it, then you really mean it. ” Goitsemang... From another perspective. ” ― Jeremy Aldana, there is wisdom in challenges, you ’ ll smile by.. Ward, 5 with happiness. ” – Mark Twain, 56 precisely determine what we get but. Cherish your moods and spirits you do and feel that it is more fitting a., dare to smile, when it is difficult to smile! ” ― Lauren Graham,.... Explore 577 Relax quotes by authors you know and love make us feel happier! ―. Just say hello, Believing, and visualizing what you have been up to. ” – Ziglar! Can be as simple as forcing yourself to smile lot. ” – Roy T. Bennett, 64 be!

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