php for loop html

How to Use PHP Loops in Your HTML Page. In this article, I will walk-through each possibility for reading arrays whilst looping. Iterating through the arrays to produce HTML content is one of the most common tasks you'll encounter while writing PHP scripts. PHP For Loop. The for loop is the perfect way to do this. PHP for loop can be used to traverse set of code for the specified number of times. Lesson 5: Loops. inside the for loop we declare if..else condition. In the next section, we’ll see how you could use PHP loops with HTML. How to Use it to Perform Iteration. For loops. It allows users to put all the loop related statements in one place. If( $%2==0) condition is true, then code will execute and calculate the sum of even number. The loop executes the block of codes as long as the certain condition is true. For loop is used because we know how many times loop iterate. If you don’t know the number iteration to perform over a block of code, you should use the PHP while loop. This means for loop is used when you already know how many times you want to execute a block of code. For loop. There are two types of for loops - a simple (C style) for loop, and a foreach loop. Look at the loopingArrays.php […] In this section, we’ll see how you could iterate through an array of items and generate output. Print the sum of odd ans even number separately. It makes your code more readable. For loops are simple loops which helps us iterate over an iterable variable by using an index. Personally though, I prefer to echo HTML when within PHP. In PHP, it is possible to manage the execution of scripts with different control structures. You can do that by closing your PHP block before the HTML with ?>, and then reopening with

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