About us

The present site has been prepared in order to make all information available related to the Panoráma Villapark Sóskút project. The territory is for sale in whole or in parts, which is also grate for real estate investment. The five owner represent unified standpoint with respect to the sale of the real estate project.

After the lands to be qualified as “urban area” and the handover of the motorway exit and the construction of the sewer by the Municipality, shall the real estate project in a status when the utility development can be done in a short period and with optimal budget. The development area of 20 ha offered by us is one of the presently potential suburban area near Budapest, which has several advantages. The territory is already qualified as “urban area”, therefore the actualization of the public utility designed and the construction of the utilities – after the permits are issued – may be started immediately. The size of the shaped 133 pieces of plots are able to satisfy all needs. 80 meters under the development area water resources can be found, which may secure the water needs of the whole villapark, and this may also generate further income besides the sparing realization of the project. The territory has wonderful panorama, in the neighbourhood environmental areas, and wonderful valley and forest can be found with an area of nearly one million sqm. It is situate for 15 minutes from Budapest, nd has a calming surrounding. The human scale vision makes a harmony between development and nature, where the nature is in symbiosis with the living area and becomes a part of the everydays.

Next to the project more development possibilities were shaped.